The prepaid feature allows customers to pay a particular amount in advance and use it as and when services are provided to them!

The steps to create a Prepaid wallet are as follows:

  1. Navigate to Settings on the menu bar. 

  2. Click on Prepaid Wallet under Modules settings. 

  3. Enable or disable the existing settings such as “Disable tax in billing while redeeming prepaid amount” and/or “Enable to carry forward the existing prepaid balance” by clicking on the sliders. 

  4. Choose to create a new prepaid or import existing prepaid. 

    1. To create: 

      1. Click on Add Prepaid.  

      2. Fill in the required details.

      3. Click on Save.

    2. To import:

      1. Click on Import Prepaid.

      2. Click on Download Template.

      3. Enter existing details according to the given template and save the file.

      4. Click on Import Prepaid and import the saved file. 

Note: Before importing the prepaid details,the customer details need to be uploaded/Added in miosalon.

A prepaid wallet will now be created!