1. Go to Feedback > Create/ Start Feedback > Enter Feedback name

2. Choose one of the Question type:  Multiple choice/ Single option.

3. Enter your question with Yes or No choices (for ease of use) >  Assign numeric values to each choices (Eg: Yes - 0; No - 3) > Enable negative feedback.

4. Click “Add” to save the question and repeat the above steps to include additional questions.

5. Click Launch and copy the 'Feedback ID' seen below the Feedback name.

6. Go to Settings > Notifications > Appointment confirmation (SMS notification settings/Email notification template) > Paste the ID in the message > Save.

7. Enable the toggle for “Confirmation Message to Customer”

8. By default, the negative feedback alert is sent to the admin user. To Add a new user, Click Settings > Staff > User List > Add new user.

9. To receive staff notification: Settings > Notification > Report Notification > Map Branch (Staff Name) > Choose a Report Type > Negative Feedback > Save.

10. To purchase SMS, Click 'My Profile' (Top right) > My Account > SMS Recharge > Choose a plan > Recharge SMS

Now you have created your COVID-19 screening survey form and enabled negative feedback alert to Staffs. 


Once the customer has filled out the survey form, a report icon would be visible on the right side of the appointment. To view the answers, click the specific appointment > view feedback


Here are a set of sample questions that you can add in your COVID-19 survey form:


  1. Do you have cough:  Yes / No

  2. Do you have Fever:    Yes / No

  3. Do you have Sore throat: Yes / No

  4. Do you have Respiratory distress: Yes / No

  5. Have you travelled to any of the Coronavirus affected countries in the past 30 days? Yes/No

  6. Do you have any advice from the Government Health Department to stay quarantined for possible exposure? Yes/No

  7. Are you in the COVID-19 surveillance list of the Government. Yes/No