1. Click Settings > Product ( i.e. available under sales settings ) & Click on Import product option or Click Settings > Upload Master Data ..

  2. Click on Download template option to download the template and fill the mandatory fields which are marked red in color. 

  3. The template will download in Excel sheet format where the necessary details have to be filled ( product name, price.etc).

  4. Things to be Considered while importing the Product list.

    • Avoid duplicate names and special characters (ex : *,~,# etc) in sheet,

    • cost price that you purchase from the vendor and it should be lesser then Full Price (C.P<F.P)

    • Full price on which product is sold to Customers.

    • Enter the tax name (also make sure tax is created in settings option or else leave the tax column blank), 

    • Quantity (stock in hand) 

    • Minimum level (will give alert notification)

    • Fill details such as HSN Code and SAC Code in the particular column 

    • And the last is Internal use ( give if it is for internal purpose or if it's for the retail purpose)

  5. Once you fill the sheet with all details, now click on the Import product option and choose the file to upload it in the software.

  6. Check for "Product list imported successfully" pop up on screen.