1. Click on Settings and click Services under Module settings. click on the Import Service option.

  2. Click the Download Template option to download the required template and fill in the services list.

  3. Now Template will be downloaded and opened in Excel format, fill in the mandatory details like Service Group, Service name, Duration & Price.

  4. Fill in the other details such as block duration, waiting duration, and online booking (Note: for online booking enter to display this service online and N for vice versa )

  5. Now click on Import Services and choose the file location to upload.

  6. Things to be considered while importing the list, 

    • Make sure to avoid the Special characters (ex :*,# ,~,$) in the sheet.

    • Avoid duplication of the service name especially if the services name is the same for Male and female, kindly add the M/f or male /female next to the service to differentiate the name.

    • Enter the Duration in Minutes (only numbers i.e. for 60 Mins- enter 60)

    • Enter the tax name in tax column ( Note: if the tax is created/enabled in settings > point of sale or else leave it blank )

    • Save the excel sheet in the Excel workbook .xlxs format.

  7. Check for the "Service list imported successfully" pop-up on the screen.