Packages provide a list of all the packages provided by your salon. It also allows easy transfer or addition of packages. 

The steps to create packages are as follows: 

  1. Navigate to Settings on the menu bar.

  2. Click on Package under Modules settings.

  3. Now, you can edit, create, import, and delete packages.

    1. Edit or Delete:
      To edit or delete a package: 

      1. Click on the package.

      2. Modify the required details. 

      3. Click Update or Delete.

    2.  Create: 
      To create a new package:

      1. Click on Add New Package.

      2. Choose whether the package is Fixed or Customizable. 

      3. Fill in the required details. 

      4. Edit the quantity and enter the Package Selling Price.

      5. Click on Save.

If needed, Package Pause may be enabled by clicking on the slider. Package pause allows you to pause packages during holidays.