The steps to create a quick sale are as follows:


Search for the customer using their name or phone number. 

For a new customer - Enter their number and click on Add Customer. Follow the subsequent steps and fill in the required details. Click on Save. 

  • Select the appropriate choices from menu options ( Service, Product, Gift Voucher, or Prepaid.) 
  • Fill in the required fields such as Service, Staff, Qty (quantity), Price, etc.
  • Total will automatically be generated. 
  • Following this, a discount by percentage/ value and gift voucher redemption can be entered under the Overall Benefits section.  Any information entered in this section will be applied to the entire bill.

  • Upon completion of the above steps, a Billing Summary will be generated. 
  • A Tip can be added by clicking on Add Tip
  • The preferred payment amount can be chosen by simply selecting the field. 
  • Apart from the default payment methods listed, more can be added by navigating to Point-of-Sale under General Settings in Settings. Here more payment methods can be added by selecting Add New Payment.

       Select Checkout to complete the transaction.