1. Click Feedback and Click on Feedback which is currently active.

  2. Enable the Send Negative Feedback for all question.

  3. To get an alert for negative feedback answers,set the condition for which answer would be considered as negative,

    • For Rating type questions, to get the alert ,customer selected value should be lesser than set value .(selected answer<condition value)

    • For multiple type of questions, Assign the random values to each options and set the minimum condition such that if any lesser/equal value answer is chosen then it will be considered as negative and will send an alert.( Selected answer =< Condition value)

    • For Option type of question, Assign the random value to answers and set the minimum condition such that if only lesser value is selected , it will be considered as negative. ( Selected Value < Condition )

  4. To Enable/receive alerts to mail ID or mobile number, Go to Settings >Notification>User Notifications. Click Map branches >Choose negative feedback report and save.